Complete transparency from enquiry to invoice

The approach used by Jan van Dam Machine Transport

The team at Jan van Dam Machine Transport is our strength. With all their expertise and experience, our employees are the most important company asset. We fulfil your orders via this motivated team of qualified and experienced people who, in most cases, have worked for us for many years. All of our employees see completing the job to your satisfaction as an enjoyable challenge. To ensure optimal contract fulfilment, we consult you and review the process as often as necessary, even if this requires extra effort on our part. And - a further important consideration - we ensure that your business operations can continue without disruption.

Jan van Dam Machine Transport likes to keep things transparent for you. So our service provision is based on a number of clearly defined steps.


Transport enquiry

We consult with you to determine the right approach for
the transport assignment. In preparation for the job,
we visit you to look at the situation on site.


Required permits

If required, we assess the route for possible bottlenecks.
We contact the authorities concerned beforehand in
order to minimise possible delays.


Customs formalitie

If the load is to be transported across the border, we arrange
the necessary Customs documents. For example, Customs
clearing documents and Customs authorisation for removal of the goods.



We manage all aspects of the transport process. We supervise dismantling/installation of the machine or production line, determine whether and how the machine should be packed and provide the right equipment. And obviously, we are also delighted to transport the machine from A to B for you. Quality, timely delivery and 'covered-load'
transportation are our primary concerns.

At the destination site

Once the machine or production line has reached the destination
site, we move it into position and anchor it if required.