Jan van Dam Machine Transport has all the
equipment required for transporting your equipment
safely and efficiently. For example:

Truck-mounted cranes
Truck-mounted cranes with lifting capacities from 50 to 300 tonne-metres. Our range of different models and fly jib extensions mean that the hoisting capacities can be exploited up to the nominal maximum.
Please contact us for more information about the extensive possibilities.

Tractor units and rigids
This vehicle fleet is also extensive. We operate 3-axle and 4-axle tractor units, mega tractor units, low- deck tractor units and rigids.

Trailers and semi-trailers

This part of the vehicle fleet is extremely extensive to ensure that practically all machines can be transported as covered loads. For example, we operate closed and open trailers, tautliners and low loaders.

Forklift trucks and aerial work platforms

We operate a wide range of forklift trucks. They are powered electrically, or run on LPG or diesel. Some forklift trucks offer different lifting capacities, can be equipped with non-marking tyres and also fitted with attachments such as a crane boom, extended forks and a crane jib. As for aerial work platforms, we can supply articulated models or scissor-lift models with different floor heights.

Compact crane

We use the electrically driven compact crane for hoisting work in cramped spaces. Because of its compact size when stowed for transport and the ability to swivel electrically, this is the ideal tool for successfully completing hoisting operations in cramped locations. Wireless remote control gives the operator freedom of movement, allowing him to approach the object to be lifted and possibly assist with the work.

Robot movers

Robot movers are perfectly equipped to silently and safely move heavy machine parts over company floors. They are placed under a machine and are very agile and fully remote-controlled. The robot mover is electrically driven and is a nice alternative for using a forklift. The robot mover is ideal for internal relocations of machines during company relocations and during internal transport at trade fairs.

Compact crane 110Tm

This 110 Tm compact crane is the example of one of our innovations. This vehicle is unique in terms of dimensions, with its range it is the first of its kind in the Benelux.

Lifting large weights and internal transport of large weights is possible with this vehicle within buildings and factories.

In the near future, the compact crane will be fully electrically driven.


Photo: Frank Steckemetz

Internal materials handling equipment

We operate a wide range of equipment for moving your machines and structures. This includes:

  • Lifting jib
  • Mobile gantry crane "125ton"
  • Cabinet movers
  • Crane boom
  • Machine lifts
  • Mini telescopic crane
  • Assembly item box
  • Tank moving set